Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lethe Ep1: Top 10 User Screenshots

A video game is nothing without its community these days. Every time we visit Lethe’s community section on Steam we are reminded of that and we’d like to thank you for your contributions!

While videos and "Let’s Plays" are the first things to catch the eye, we decided to make a post about the hidden gems of our community: Screenshots! There’s a great number of high quality user screenshots available on steam and as you understand, making them all fit in a single post is nearly impossible. By ignoring their current community rating, we decided to create a top ten of what we believe to be the best user screenshots to date. The main two judgement rules were the color palette and how well each shot connects with Lethe’s theme, mood and philosophy. We also picked only one screenshot per creator and one per in-game focal point and/or character.

Don’t forget to share your own screenshots and videos! Enjoy!

Created by Skyline:

Created by Fobeus:

Created by REpO MaN

Created by ϟ380ᗯoltϟ:

Created by Nova225:

Created by Golden_Arms:

Created by Raastaja:

Created by -Mila-

Created by |Kuni|:

Created by Osteoporosis:

Honorable mentions

Created by REpO MaN

Created by stereospell:
Created by |Kuni|:

Created by Skyline:

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lethe - Episode One: Update 1.2 in Public Beta

We’re glad to announce that Update 1.2 is now available on the new Public Beta branch on Steam! This update also contains support for the long-awaited Steam Achievements.


  • Added support for 23 Steam Achievements; 
  • Upgraded to the latest version of the Unreal Development Kit; 
  • Smoother character animation blending; 
  • Minor AI improvements; 
  • Fixed sound issues.

We wanted to share the improvements with you sooner than we otherwise could, thus we chose to release this update as a Public Beta. To switch to the Beta branch check out the instructions to access the Beta. We’re very keen to receive your feedback in the new Beta forum on Steam!

Monday, August 1, 2016

“Lethe – Episode One” is Released!


KoukouStudios and Faber Interactive are proud to announce that after four years of development, our debut title, “Lethe – Episode One” has now been released!

The Game is currently
available on Steam and through the Humble Widget for Windows PC.
There is currently a 10% discount during first week to celebrate its release! 
Keep in mind that by choosing the latter you have additional options of directly supporting our studio and through that the development of future episodes and games. We plan to expand the amount of stores in the near future to improve availability.

An OS X version is planned for later this year. “Lethe – Episode One” was built with the Unreal Development Kit and although we’d love to see a Linux version too, without access to the engine’s source code it is technically impossible right now. Although that could maybe change depending on how well the game will be received.

Press & YouTubers are welcome to contact us at Please keep in mind that it can take up to two or three working days before you get a reply as we don’t have dedicated marketing personnel and we reply all mails on our own. We also launched a Press Page and a subscription list that you can register to by visiting our Official Website.

Many of you asked why it took so long. KoukouStudios has its origins in the modding scene of the early 00’s. It wasn’t before 2012 when we decided to make our passion a profession. We started from nothing and financially supported Lethe’s development completely on our own. Many times by doing one or two other jobs. We had no publishers, investors or paid promotion campaigns either, yet we managed to create a quality experience that meets our expectations.

And of course we thank you for supporting us during all this time and we really hope that you’ll enjoy our work and see the effort we put into it. Please don’t forget to help us spread the word! Use your social media or any other means available to you. Thanks!

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