What the Future Holds

Firstly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all who have been following our journey so far.

Now, as you have no doubt noticed we have been very silent the past year; it has been a rough one in many ways. And so our development time was limited; however, it never stopped us from continuing to spend our free time on our joined passion.

The project we presented and the one you know as Lethe 2: Origins is designed with Episode One in mind, and takes part of its lore and presents a new experience with familiar elements.
After some time we realized its scope was outside of our reach as a two-man team and couldn't be reduced without compromises we were not willing to make. We ended up stashing the project to come back to it in the future and came up with something fresh that still adheres to our design philosophy, gameplay preferences, and used existing code architecture.

As we were developing, a game was released that closely resembled the core of our story, and we felt we could not release something so similar after the other game had already been released.
Once more, we sought to reuse what we had built and began designing a new experience. The premise had us excited and we were motivated once again. Unfortunately, the euphoria did not last, as we were soon unable to continue development due to our individual financial situations. Both of us had to find ways to get out of our financial predicament.

John found contract work, and I found employment soon after. Which leads us to the following: with both of us spending our working days on our new jobs, we have very little usable time to dedicate to finishing this new project we started, as it is no small feat. Both of us still hope to see it finished one day and to be able to present it to you, our fans. And of course, Origins has not been forgotten either.
As unfortunate as it is, this means that their development will be suspended indefinitely, at least for now.

With all that being said, Faber Interactive (just me) is continuing game development on the side as we speak, albeit with a slightly different approach (more to come on that subject at a later point in time).

We want to hear from you the players, about the things you enjoyed the most and what you disliked. What are your expectations, and what would you like to see in the future? Everything in regards to the franchise, and future titles.

We can't make any guarantees, other than the fact that we are not giving up.

And finally... we wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!


  1. Bought and finished the game day 1. Even bypassed a game breaking bug that I notified you about and patched. Been waiting for episode 2 ever since but I've lost all hope at this point if I'm honest which is a shame because I really liked ep1.

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  3. Anonymous23/3/19 00:59

    Fuck this episodic nonsense!

    1. Just wish there was an ep2 even if some random game had a similar story. What was this game?

  4. Anonymous25/3/19 16:34

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  5. Thank you so much for the experience of Episode One. I just finished it and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and detail. Heck, I spent way longer on it than I reasonably should have because I kept taking in every corner, object, and dead end. I really do hope you are able to find the means to continue the story and, at worst, if you find it won't become a reality then at least provide a synopsis of what you intended. I'm thoroughly intrigued and eagerly awaiting any future news!

  6. Just to say that I enjoyed your game, played it start to finish 3 times already, many triple A games don't make me do that. Is a petty that I came here just to find that you guys stopped development on your next game. I hope this game at lest open some doors for your guys, good luck for the future and be safe from the pandemic.

  7. I wish I was a billionaire, then I could hire you to finish Episode 2 :D

  8. Really enjoyed Lethe: Episode One and wondered about the 2nd for years now. Wish you all the best on your future life endeavors. A pity if it never comes to fruition... but oh well. Not a fan of an episodic approach in games personally, but I really enjoyed what was put out! I recommend it to people/fellow streamer friends from time to time if they like a solid horror games :)

  9. Anonymous10/7/20 11:46

    Recently came across this game and I'm intrigued. While I can similarities to certain other games with how it looks, it is definitely it's own game with its own story, setting and gameplay.
    I do hope this game gets a continuation!


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