Lethe gets a Release Date!

Quite some time has passed since being Greenlit, so we thought it was about time to make our Store Page public with all the new media we have been collecting. And in case you might have missed it, we released our new trailer last week. So check it out if you haven't already:
Some of you might have noticed we have updated the descriptions on our pages, because some aspects were too vague and could easily lead to misunderstandings about the nature of the game.
We're currently focusing on a PC-only launch, while aiming for an OS X release some time later this year. Currently we split our time between the Closed Beta, the patching of bugs, finalizing content, doing promotion and whatever else shows up along the way. Thus we might not reply to your messages right away.

Now that all of the previous is out of the way, we are happy to announce that Lethe - Episode One will be released on Steam for PC on August 1st 2016!

For all matters regarding Press and Reviews, we'd kindly request that you contact us at contact@koukoustudios.com.


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