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LETHE - F.A.Q 2014

Since the release of Lethe's official gameplay teaser last week, we've been tracking your comments and feedback and based on your questions we set up the following F.A.Q. that aims to answer the major ones. Can you share some more info about the story? Robert Dawn is a young journalist with an unremarkable career. After his step-father's death, Robert was left to deal with a major debt and while looking through the piles of documents entrusted to him, he came across adoption papers that revealed his real parents. With his back to the wall due to the debt, Robert stumbles across an old article about an incident at a pharmaceutical facility on an isolated island. When he realizes that it involves the names of his parents, he decides to take the chance to investigate the unusual incident. And that's all we can share without spoiling the story for you. Will the entirety of Lethe be in dark underground tunnels as seen in the latest trailer? No, besides unde

Developer's thoughts on “Lethe”.

Since “Lethe” went “green” on steam, we start our days by saying. “What about a blog post?”. But then we check our development task lists and never mention it again for the rest of the day. Being an independent game developer requires a lot of energy! There are so many things to consider – art, graphics, animations, gameplay, human psychology, bug-fixing, testing, concept, story, audio, registering a business, your girlfriend who's constantly asking about what are you going to do with your life... – and many more terrifying things (well, maybe not as terrifying as the last one). There's barely any free time left for anything. Getting on a blog and talking about your project sooner or later becomes part of that “anything”. Here's where I'd like to say that, even if we don't always reply your e-mails or your comments on social media, keep in mind that we always read them and in fact, we take them very seriously. A big portion of how we designed Lethe's gamepl

LETHE - Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Check out the new alpha gameplay trailer for "Lethe - Episode One" and tell us what you think! More news coming soon, stay tuned! Also a huge thanks for your support and feedback on the social media and especially our friends on Twitter !

Teaser Trailer 2014

Hot off the press: the long-awaited teaser trailer is finally here! Enjoy this real-time video taken straight from our upcoming debut title "Lethe - Episode One". Let us know what you think!

Welcome to the KoukouStudios blog!

It has been some time since we first thought about creating a place where we could share our thoughts with you and receive your feedback, but with an enormous amount of work in our hands we never did get around to do it … until now. Welcome to the KoukouStudios blog! Since you're here we guess you already know who we are and what we do, but for those who don't: KoukouStudios is an independent video game development team. And although we're currently working on our debut project, we've been around as members in modding communities since 2007. A lot of things have changed since then: our lives, our style and our goals. But there's something that remains the same, the one thing that we have in common: The passion we share for video games! That's why we would also like to share our games related thoughts with you on this blog. A big thanks for reading and we look forward to reading your comments below!