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What the Future Holds

Firstly, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all who have been following our journey so far. Now, as you have no doubt noticed we have been very silent the past year; it has been a rough one in many ways. And so our development time was limited; however, it never stopped us from continuing to spend our free time on our joined passion. The project we presented and the one you know as Lethe 2: Origins is designed with Episode One in mind, and takes part of its lore and presents a new experience with familiar elements. After some time we realized its scope was outside of our reach as a two-man team and couldn't be reduced without compromises we were not willing to make. We ended up stashing the project to come back to it in the future and came up with something fresh that still adheres to our design philosophy, gameplay preferences, and used existing code architecture. As we were developing, a game was released that closely resembled the core of our story, and we felt we