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Lethe’s 1st Anniversary and Lethe 2

Today we at Faber Interactive and KoukouStudios are very happy to celebrate the first year since the release of Lethe: Episode One and a   50% anniversary sale will be running on Steam as part of the week-long deals. If you didn’t have a chance to play the game yet, it’s a great time to try it out now. There have been several updates since day one, including Steam Achievements support and several optimizations and improvements. And some exciting news: The announcement of Lethe 2: Origins . In game screenshot of Lethe 2: Origins Lethe 2: Origins Lethe 2: Origins is our new title currently in development. The game takes place in a remote village on the same island as Lethe: Episode One but 30 years earlier. If there’s one thing that we think we nailed in the first game , it is the atmosphere and that’s something we are passing over to Lethe 2 . There’s a great difference between the two games though. Unlike its predecessor, in Lethe 2: Origins, storytelling is the