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LETHE - F.A.Q 2014

Since the release of Lethe's official gameplay teaser last week, we've been tracking your comments and feedback and based on your questions we set up the following F.A.Q. that aims to answer the major ones. Can you share some more info about the story? Robert Dawn is a young journalist with an unremarkable career. After his step-father's death, Robert was left to deal with a major debt and while looking through the piles of documents entrusted to him, he came across adoption papers that revealed his real parents. With his back to the wall due to the debt, Robert stumbles across an old article about an incident at a pharmaceutical facility on an isolated island. When he realizes that it involves the names of his parents, he decides to take the chance to investigate the unusual incident. And that's all we can share without spoiling the story for you. Will the entirety of Lethe be in dark underground tunnels as seen in the latest trailer? No, besides unde