Lethe - Halloween Status Update

This has been quite a long period of silence, we have to admit. Maybe way longer than it should have been. And rightfully, some of you have complained about it. We decided to remain silent and show up again once we actually have something to say, and Halloween seems like the right time.

Let's start with some good news. We're finally in position to talk about a release date. For now all we can say is that it's set for early 2016. We will reveal the exact date in the very near future. And since a lot of people ask, yes we are indeed considering the option of pre-orders as it could help us with further improving the product during the pre-release period.

So what's going on, how's Lethe coming along? Let's see.

Lethe is currently in Pre-Beta state. You know, that magic moment when somebody is trying your product for the first time? You got to love that moment. The first testing sessions came back very positive. Probably extremely positive compared to what we expected.
Our current focus is improving certain bits based on the feedback we get, adding details to the world, test some last moment ideas and of course, bug fixing! Final music and voices edits will follow soon.

So is everything ideal?

You know it never is. In order to be realistic we had to further cut the length of the first episode. We're still using the same game engine and and although still good-looking, UDK is showing its age under the shadow of its fourth generation brother. So it's about time to stop thinking about ideal goals and move on. And when it comes to quality over length? You know the answer. Quality rules supreme!

Stay tuned, more updates and media coming soon.

Oh and, happy Halloween everyone!