Lethe has a new Trailer


In an effort to be more consistent with our updates and to keep you guys up-to-date, we're going to try to be a bit more pro-active with our communications!

And now we are ready to share with you something new and exciting!

As part of our ongoing development as a studio we're happy to announce that Lethe - Episode One will be published by none other than Faber Interactive, a company founded by KoukouStudios co-founder and developer Rick Faber. This decision solidifies our current position and commitment as an independent developer and means that nothing will actually change for the game and the team behind it.

Since the game has been in development for about four years now, things have been updated. This is why we have recently uploaded some new screenshots to our website (and our previous post).

And what could be a better way to show you our progress than to share with you our new Trailer!

Now, considering all that we've said, we're hoping that you're still with us on this long journey and that you're just as excited and anxious as we are, for the not too distant release of our debut title!