LETHE: Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the most commonly asked questions about Lethe: Episode One and compiled them into this FAQ. If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@koukoustudios.com.

What about <insert language here> localization?
As mentioned before, we would very much like to support multi-language localization for Lethe: Episode one; However, as a small company we’re relying solely on our product’s sales and this kind of (big) overhaul is currently simply out of reach.
Because we know there is a demand, we would like to extend an invitation to localization groups who have already made a localization for Episode One or worked on quality translations before, to contact us and provide us with their material, so that at a later point in time we might be able to make this a reality.

What about motion sickness?
Previously there have been requests for a way to limit the amount of camera sway, in case of motion sickness or nausea; Because of these requests we have previously introduced a Configuration File tweak that reduces the sway and should solve most cases of nausea. Check it out here.

Do I need to play all episodes to understand the story?
Each episode is a stand-alone experience with a self-contained story and ending on its own, focusing on different sub-plots or individual characters. Episodes do not need prior play of any other episode to understand, but will create a deeper connection to the story and provide a much more in-depth experience.

What is going on with Lethe (Episode Two)?
The project is alive and we’re actively working on it but that's all we can share about it at this time. An official announcement will follow once possible.

Support for VR?
There are currently no plans to provide native support for Virtual Reality due to the complexity of the matter. There is however at least one non-official (and thus unsupported) way to use your VR headset with the game:
You may try to force VR compatibility with "VorpX", as some people have managed to get it to work with an HTC Vive. However, we can't provide any guarantees that it will work, it might be detrimental to your experience in the game and/or break certain parts of the game, simply because it is not supported by default.

Is there going to be a Mac version?
Due to low demand and the high number of technical issues that need to be overcome as a result of the discontinuation of Unreal Development Kit’s development, have unfortunately led us to cancel the Mac version.

What about a DRM-free version?
The DRM-free version of Episode One is still in our plans, but due to the development of the next project taking up all our available time and the requirements of such a move we’re keeping this under wraps for now.

How do I fix this technical problem?
Most, if not all of the known technical issues reported can be solved by following this guide.